Smera Herbal Face Cream 40g


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• Valiyeri herbal cream is a formulation ensures versatile actions like anti- ageing, skin glowing, anti-acne, moisturizes the skin without greasiness. • The presence of Herbal nutrients and vitamin E will helps the skin a lighter action and helps to protect the skin from oxidative impairment.

Key Ingredients and its benefits:

Aloe vera - smoothening, nourishing, good for sensitive skin by retaining moistures

Neem - anti-bacterial property helps to remove acne, pimples, and helps to removes scars

Papaya - Brightens skin complexion, lightening skin, hydrate kin, anti-ageing, fades skin spots, treat wrinkles

Turmeric - reduce scars, clear up acne, improves skin glow and skin feel.  

Directions for use: Clean the face and neck systematically. Apply SMERA Herbal Face cream all over the face and neck using an ascending circular motion, twice a day. 

Manufactured By: Valiyeri Herbal Cosmetics.