Maple Car Umbrella with Tripod stand


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₹ 8400.00

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Maple Car Umbrella with Tripod stand
MAPLE Car Umbrella is a Car Accessory which reduces interior temperature of car up to 25? (45?) and it also acts as an Outdoor Tent. MAPLE Car Umbrella keeps your car cool. It also helps in emission reduction and fuel savings. It fits for all types of Hatchback and Sedan Cars. Easy installation: Takes less than a minute for installation and removal. 98% UV Ray Reflect: Silver coated PEVA material, Significant delay of aging of the interior decorations, reduce the poisonous gases (formaldehype, benzene,etc). No damage to the car: high grade material (carbon steel frame, nylon banding) and its strong and durable. Unique designed anti-wind hooks. It has Steel Wire inside the Safety Belts for Anti-Theft. Highly rigid tripod stand for outdoor purpose and can be used in two levels. Up to 4 two-wheeler's can be parked under one umbrella at a time. Includes - Car Umbrella - 1, Nylon Strap with hook - 4, Tripod - 1, Storage Bag - 1, Instruction Manual - 1.